Club Leo Spanish Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

The publishing company, Scholastic Inc., has a site that offers books in Spanish and also in English/Spanish.  The book club is called Club Leo.  You used to be able to go online to access this site :   to see the offerings.  Scholastic has changed its way of listing books,so the easiest thing to do is to download the PDF file below that is a brochure.  I am sorry that it's the only one I saved prior to Scholastic's online changes.


            #1    After printing one or two pages from the PDF, prepare a list of English words from the brochure that you want students to search for and learn in Spanish.

            #2    Use whiteout to cover up all the English words on the brochure page. 

            #3   Prepare photocopies of your activity (brochure page and search list) for the class scavenger hunt for new Spanish vocabulary.  Even beginning level students will be able to do this through word association, looking at pictures, etc.  If you want, the students can be paired to make things go more quickly as they try to find the new Spanish words to match the list of English equivalents.  This activity allows students to become exposed to new words that they may not see in their textbooks and thus expand their Spanish vocabulary.

Below is a PDF file for one of Club Leo's brochure/order blanks.  If you can't download it, go to the Scholastic web site above.

0111_leo.pdf 0111_leo.pdf
Size : 14298.186 Kb
Type : pdf
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