Photo Description Writing Activity


Using old magazines, cut out lots of photos of people involved in various activities and places.  (Gluing them to tag board or laminating them will help preserve the pictures.)   Let students choose a photo from the pile you have accumulated or have them draw at random.  Then give them the following task:


Using the photo you have chosen, write about the person(s) in the photo.  Your writing should contain the answers to the following questions.  Instead of making a list of information, try to write using paragraphs.  How you arrange the information is your choice.  Be creative and use your Spanish skills.  Try to avoid using short, choppy sentences to make your writing flow.  Attach the photo to your paper before handing it in.


         ¿Quiénes son las personas?

         ¿Cuántos años tienen?

         ¿Cómo son?

         ¿Dónde están?

         ¿Por qué están allí?

         ¿Qué ropa llevan?

         ¿Otra información…?


******  This could also become an oral activity by pairing students up to talk about (not read) their photo.  
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