Researching Universities in Spanish Speaking Countries

Here is an important web site to help find universities in Spanish speaking countries:

Universities Worldwide

    A)  Choose a university in a Spanish speaking country.

    B)  Record the URL you are using (address at the top of your screen) .

    C)  Find as much of the following information as you can about the university.  (Note - you may not find all of the information requested for any given university.)  Turn in a record your findings on a separate sheet of paper.

1.    Name of the University

2.    Location of the main campus and any satellite campuses

3.    When was the university founded?

4.    Who is the current president (presidente o rector)?

5.    What are the student and faculty populations?

6.    What are the principal divisions (facultades) of the university?   

7.    When do classes begin and end each semester this year?

8.    What are the major fields of study offered?

9.    What  costs are involved?

10.     Does the university offer any postgraduate degrees?  In which areas?

11.      Choose a field of study.  Find and list the recommended or required classes of a 1st year student.

12.    What activities and organizations are available for students?

13.    List two (2) other interesting or important facts about this institution.

Vocabulario útil
ubicación - location        rector    - head, president    carreras - careers, fields of study
facultad - school of / college of    calendario académico - academic calendar
título -degree    pregrado - undergraduate    postgrado - postgraduate
postular - to apply    postulación -application / application fee           beca - scholarship
matrícula - registration / registration fee    arancel     - fee (usually tuition)
diurna    - daytime     vespertina - night         ayuda financiera - financial aid

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