Here is a project that will allow your students to learn more about the language, geography, and ecology of another country as they plan an imaginary trip to another country.   This is not just spending a vacation on the beach.  It involves getting to know more about the flora, fauna, geography and people.

Un viaje de ecoturismo en Latinoamérica

    This project will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about  Latin America, its heritage, its environment, and about planning and organizing a trip outside the USA. 
*    You will work with at least one partner drawn at random, but no more     than two.
*    You need to research potential destinations for a two week eco-tourism experience in a Latin American country.
*    Your final product will be a video taped oral presentation in Spanish using a prepared outline in which you will discuss (not read) your findings and your plans for your trip.  The video tape will last a minimum of 10 minutes.  Video taping will be done during class time, but in a separate location.  See the taping schedule below.

    Getting the process started
    - What is your destination?  Use the web sites listed below to gather ideas and information for your trip.
    - How will you get to your destination? What documentation do you need to travel?  Do you need vaccinations or special medications?
    - Where will you be staying? Camping, cabins, boat, hotel, ???
    - What equipment will you be taking with you?  What can you buy or
    rent at the location of your adventure?  What clothing will you pack?
    - What are the activities you will include on your itinerary?  Determine
    a daily itinerary of activities.  Vary your activities.
    - What natural things will you see?  (plants, animals, geographical)
    - What cultural things will you encounter?
    - What contact will you have with the local population?
    - What impact will you have on the environment and the economy?
    - What is the estimated cost of your adventure?  Break down the
    expenses - transportation, lodging, food, guides, admissions, rentals,
    souvenirs, miscellaneous expenses, etc.
    - Are there any potential problems you may encounter?    

Possible web sites (you may use others) :                                  Main resource                             Travel info                               Flights online                                    Search engine       Travel documents


    The following list will be used to evaluate your final product:
*  Following directions
*  Oral participation - try for equal participation for each member
*  Using 100% Spanish in your outline and oral presentation
*  Comprehensibility
*  Organization of the outline and presentation
*  Being well prepared
*  Accuracy of your research
*  Discussing rather than reading from a script (you may use notecards)
*  Creativity
*  Using a minimum of 10 minutes for the presentation
*  Turning in a neatly organized, typed outline used as a basis for  the presentation

Maximum points for each person:
Oral                40 pts.  (score will vary based on individual performance)
Written Outline 25 pts.(all group members will receive the same score)

Oral Presentation Evaluation Form            Nombre_________

*  Following directions        1    2    3   
*  Oral participation           1    2    3    4    5    6
*  Using 100% Spanish      1    2    3    4    5    6
*  Comprehensibility          1    2    3    4
*  Organization                  1    2    3    4
*  Being well prepared        1    2    3    4
*  Accuracy of research       1    2    3
*  Discussing, not reading   1    2    3    4   
*  Creativity                       1    2    3
*  Using 10 minutes            1    2    3   

Total score ______/ 40

Outline Evaluation Form
*  Following directions        1    2    3    4
*  Organization                  1    2    3    4
*  Accuracy of research       1    2    3    4
*  Creativity                       1    2    3
*  Comprehensibility           1    2    3    4
*  Writing accuracy             1    2    3    4    5    6

Outline score _____/25

    Work schedule:

    Thursday  March 25        Friday March 26   
    Research in the internet lab and begin organizing materials

    Monday March 29        Tuesday March 30
    In class time to organize materials, prepare the outline and practice for your presentation

    Thursday April 1
    Video taping the presentations during class time in a separate locale

Group 1                Group 2                Group 3

Group 4                Group 5                Group 6

Group 7                Group 8               


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